Guidelines & Annual Schedule


  1. The original Articles/Research papers be sent on A-4 size paper with one inch margin on both right and left sides. The test should be on Font No.11.
  2. The standard format should be abstract, introduction, review of literature, material and methods, result, discussion, concussions and recommendations followed by references/literature cited (n alphabetical order). Reference must appear in the text and preferably for the last 10 years.
  3. Number of tables be restricted to minimum possible.
  4. Two printed (hard copies) and a CD (soft copy) may also be enclosed to quicken the process of References evaluation(s).
  5. Colour prints, photographs, if indispensable, (include 200 prints/200 photographs with colour scheme advised). This is negotiable.
  6. Reference be kept limited (Not more than ten) preferably for the last 5-10 years. Standard format be adopted.
  7. Contribution of Rs.3000/- (Three thousand only) article/paper be enclosed upto four pages. Each extra page will cost Rs.1000/- (one thousand).
  8. Abstracts be limited to one para of 100-150 wards in between he A-4 paper supported in separate line, with key words for example. Microbiology: Coliform bacilli; E-coli; incidence of food contamination, Pakistan. Chemistry; Physico – Chemical analysis; algae, lotus lake water – Pakistan.
  9. First screening of the papers will be within one month and acceptance/or other wise will be communicated after a period of 30 (THIRTY) days.
  10. Changes/Amendments/Reviewers comments and advises must be attended by the contributor(s) and final draft with CDs, be re-submitted to the Chief Editor within 14 days.
  11. Duplications be avoided.
  12. Advertisements be sent according to subscribed rates.
  13. Selected Scientific paper/Articles will be subjected to PEER REVIEWING simultaneously by the local as well as Foreign Referees, in accordance with the guidelines of HEC Islamabad Pakistan.
  14. Year Schedule of Processing Articles of Each Volume is also enclosed.
  15. Publishing PJLSc. upto this Volume-VII (No.07) is on Annual basis. The Editorial Board in its 8th and 9th meeting agreed to publish PJLSc. Twice a year (Bi-Annual Basis) immediate after the formal approval of HEC is obtained with possible Financial Assistance.

PROPOSED ANNUAL SCHEDULE OF PROCESSING ARTICLES Pakistan Journal of Livestock Sciences (PJLSc.) Vol-VIII, No.08 (2016)

Arrival of Articles January – May, 2016
Submission to Referees June – July, 2016
Corrections expected July – August, 2016
9th Editorial Board Meetings July – August, 2016
Referring back to Authors August – September, 2016
Final Acceptance September – October, 2016
Draft typed October – November, 2016
Proof readings November – December, 2016
Final printing
(Pre-binding proof reading)
December, 2016
Corrected published December, 2016
Post-printing reading
(addendum if any)
Last week
Dispatch to clientele December, 2016